Wednesday, April 2, 2008

About A Blog

Welcome to our first blog post. I believe the first post is where we're supposed to explain the general theme of the blog and talk about what is to come. Maybe some kind of a mission statement or whatever.

Well, we don't want to disappoint our future readers. Sorry to report that this blog doesn't have any great cause behind it. We're not trying to raise money for AIDS or Autism (although feel free to make donations in the name of this blog - both are excellent causes). I don't think we're even trying to get rich via blogging. Never really understood how that works. We're really just writing about what we know...the awkward time between graduating college and being generally accepted as an adult. It's sort of a second puberty, but without the strange hair or voice changes. It's also the only life stage that nobody refers to as the best years of their life, but we'll save that for another post.

To give a brief introduction of the authors here: we both are about five years out of college, work for a software company in the Midwest, and like to run long distances at slow speeds. The similarities pretty much end there, unless we want to get into demographics. You'll soon find out that my co-author is the one who really knows how to write. I'm just the one who comes up with theories that are only accepted by me. Oh, I'm also the one who uses unnecessary commas. Don't pay too much attention to that. For more details on us, read the "about the author" section.

So if you like (or don't like) our blog, please post comments. I'm sure there are some great search engine optimization-related reasons why we'd love you to post comments, but we really just want you to make comments so we look popular and important. The comments don't even have to be intelligent-most blog comments aren't. Really, just write whatever you want. Whatever it is, it'll probably piss somebody off, which will lead to more posts, which will make us look even more popular and important. Maybe that's how people make money off of blogging?

Thanks for reading this first post. Just think...when this blog gets all famous you can say you knew us way back when. As for the name of this blog, you'll have to read the next post for that one.

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