Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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This is not my wife's favorite blog. Well, she might not have a favorite, but there are lots of other blogs that she spends much more time on than Yourself in Five Years. I think it's because she has heard all of my thoughts about Ann Curry and pepperoni pizza and adults wearing stickers for the past five years or so. She reads our posts. She usually likes when RJ writes. Her constructive criticism for me is always the same:

1. Your blog is boring - you need pictures
2. Why don't you ever blog about Gilbert (our dog)

Kate has adopted a new form of random entertainment. Similar to the 'shuffle' button on iTunes or the 'scan' button on the radio, Kate takes this approach with Blogger. Her new form of entertainment is to use the 'next blog' button on the upper left hand corner of the blogger interface (see it up there?). This link will take you to magical places. Actually it just randomly selects another blog for your reading enjoyment. Sometimes she has to click the button a couple of times - apparently the Spanish speaking world really likes blogging.

This exercise of nextblogging (yeah, it's a verb in our house) usually ends once she finds a blog that is written by a woman who writes about her children, her pets, or organic food (a new addition). This is the nextblogging jackpot. A dream scenario would be a woman talking about her day staying home with her two kids (preferably twins with some obscure medical condition) and how they interacted with their dog. Oh, and then they cooked some sort of kelp pizza. Livin' the dream. Sometimes she thinks she's found a winner, but then realizes at the end of the first post that there are strong religious undertones. The post starts out with the content that she's looking for (some woman talking about kids or dogs or organic food) but then ends with something about how their trip to the grocery store or beach or dog park was only possible because of Jesus.

This is similar to scanning the radio in an area where you don't know the stations. You land on 92.1. Song sounds alright...maybe something new. Then comes the chorus: God is love, God is love. Nothing against Christian Rock (or Christian blogs) but if it's not what you're looking for, it can really sneak up on you. Then you get mad at yourself for ignoring the signs - a station between 89.1 - 92.7 and an acoustic guitar.

Okay, back to nextblogging. I'd like everyone who is reading this post to nextblog and then give a comment with what you found. I have a feeling that we'll notice a few trends - or at least you'll find some new cheap entertainment.


Rob said...

John's Pumpkin-- about a guy trying to raise a 500 pound pumpkin.

Nate Romance said...


Looks like it's some lady talking about her baby. None of those words were in my Spanish III textbook.

Al Iverson said...

My nextblog experience involved college women documenting their pancake-making adventure with a metric buttload of photographs. Thank you, Blogger. Thank you, Nate.

Also, god is love.

R. J. Talyor said...

Este es nuestro gatito. Como éste será un Blog de Viajes, el pobre pasará bastante tiempo solo

+ Big picture of a siamese cat.


Liz said...

Calicodaisy - The first four posts were about the Four Seasons Quilt Swap.

The rest seemed to be about her arts and crafts.

After this, I continued to nextblog through about 15 Spanish blogs, some of which had questionable material (rough since I might have possibly been doing this at work).

Then, I hit what Kate would consider the motherload "The Little Things." A stay-at-home mom, two kids, likes gardening....and up to this point, no religious overtones. Jackpot.

nat said...

"Alexandre Pires se apresenta em Cachoeira e Claúdia Leite agita em Nova Friburgo"???

i took german.

ps...92.3 falls in that dreaded range you spoke of!!

Caitlin said...

Garden Gal.........complete with pictures of some of the things she has planted.

Thanks for the advice Nathaniel...

Steph said...

Nextblogging has changed my life.

Title of my first nextblog:
Full House! This blog contains the day-to-day details of the pandemonium I call on the farm with 5 kids!

Notice the obscene use of !